Blue Mule - a unique group of musicians working in a bluegrass context with heavy doses of jazz, rock, blues and country.
Blue Mule - playing everything from Miles Davis to Merle Haggard, Bill Monroe to Jethro Tull.
Blue Mule - creative song writing bringing a fresh perspective to modern acoustic music.
Blue Mule - a performance that is one of intensity, spontaneity
and the pursuit of "playing that lick just a little bit better than the night before". Danceable, listenable and hopefully, memorable long after it's over, a set by Blue Mule is unlike any you've heard.
Blue Mule - it's what you're doing this weekend!


Howdy folks...hope all has been well with everyone. 

 Our 5th CD " In a Hurry" is now available! 16 songs on this one, originals, choice cover tunes, multiple styles and influences, something for everyone, and possibly our best work yet. Many ways to get a copy or download. Also, Pandora has added our material. Check us out there. We also have been involved in the promo work for an upcoming TV show to be aired on PBS Television. It is called The Venue. The show will showcase music from the SW VA area, from different venues and artists.  You can view it by clicking  HERE .


Thursday August 22nd 

 Friday August 30th

ThursdaySeptember 19th

Friday September 20th

Check schedule for up coming shows

Do you have any of our tunes for your listening pleasure? If not, just go to the music link, click on what you like, and download it to your favorite device. That easy!