Blue Mule - a unique group of musicians working in a bluegrass context
with heavy doses of jazz, rock, blues and country.
Blue Mule - playing everything from Miles Davis to Merle Haggard, Bill Monroe
to Jethro Tull.
Blue Mule - creative song writing bringing a fresh perspective to
modern acoustic music.
Blue Mule - a performance that is one of intensity, spontaneity
and the pursuit of "playing that lick just a little bit better than the night before".
Danceable, listenable and hopefully, memorable long after it's over,
a set by Blue Mule is unlike any you've heard.
Blue Mule - it's what you're doing this weekend!

Welcome to the World Headquarters of Blue Mule

 What's been going on ???


Howdy folks...hope all has been well with everyone. 

Our new CD is DONE!!!!! Our 5th CD " In a Hurry" is finished. 16 songs on this one, originals, choice cover tunes, multiple styles and influences, something for everyone, and possibly our best work yet. Will post on here how to get a copy or download in the next week or two. In the mean time, Pandora has added some of our material. Check us out there. 101.5 FM The Music Place also has our tunes on strong rotation, you can listen over the air or stream. Great station 24/7! We also have been involved in the promo work for an upcoming TV show to be aired on PBS Television. It is called The Venue. The show will showcase music from the SW VA area, from different venues and artists.  You can view it by clicking  HERE .



Blue Mule had so many fun things happen in 2016...from opening for Grammy Winners The Steeldrivers and The Larry Keel Experience, being a part of Floyd Fest and Floyd Fandango festivals, the multiple weddings and private events we were able to be a part of...a big thank you to the folks at Parkway Brewery for including us in so many of their events and letting us play each month...and mostly thanks to all of you and your continued support for 13 years. You all make this happen for us, and we are grateful! A special thanks to all who attended the fundraiser for The Salem Needlework Foundation. Over $1300.00 was raised for new clothing and shoes for local children... your kindness and generosity truly made a difference!


Been a while since a Saturday gig at PARKWAY BREWERY in Salem, VA. Always our favorite place for beverages and musical enjoyment. The folks at PARKWAY BREWERY are always looking ahead for new things, never being satisfied with the status quo. If you haven't been in a while, you need to make it a point to go see all the renovations that have taken place. It has truly become the place to be for excellent beverages and music to satisfy all your taste buds. Parkway has the brew for you !


With Town Mountain
Located in downtown Roanoke, Va., Blue Mule will make it's first appearance at Soaring Ridge Brewery The band will be sharing the evening with  Town Mountain on Saturday, February 11th. We have heard lots of good things about Soaring Ridge and Town Mountain, so if you have never been, come check it out with us.... for all the info got to Soaring Ridge Brewery


MARCH 11th

Boy, we really love playing for Breweries, and next stop for us will be in Callaway, Va. at  Chaos Mtn. Brewery Another first for us...just a short drive south from Roanoke, set in beautiful Franklin County! Once again, if you have never been, come join us for a new adventure . Should be another good time ! For more information  and directions go to Chaos Mtn. Brewery 


MARCH 17th
Come join us for a Friday evening at Macado's  right off the campus of Va. Tech University in Blacksburg, VA. We will be doing this show at partial strength...but will have a quest player or two with us, so the music will be just fine while drink and dine. Music begins at 9pm. For more info check out Macado's

More dates and info to come
Do you have any of our tunes for your listening pleasure? If not, just go to the music link, click on what you like, and download it to your favorite device. That easy!
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